Highest Death Toll in Europe

The UK now has the highest death toll in Europe, the latest daily reported death toll for the UK is at 29,427 which is now higher than the total for Italy which is at 29,315. Even though we now have the highest death toll in Europe the UK government is still allowing travel in and out of the UK and this follows the fact the government has fallen under this target of 100,000 tests a day. On the 3rd of May there were only 85,186 tests, values for the 4th as time of writing this post have not been given yet. A post on here will follow with the lasted values when given and will start to be posted on here daily.

Also this sad news is followed by the UK government having talks about lifting elements of lockdown and the government’s plan for test, track and tracing still not fully in affect. With the government still not saying if they are extending lockdown it has been seen more people are starting to not follow the rules. Deputy Chief Scientific Adviser Angela McLean said that use of cars appear to be “creeping up”. We need the government to say if lockdown is extending sooner further than later or the public will start to not follow lockdown rules the more they believe it will end on Friday.

Personally I believe lockdown should be in place until we at least have a handle on tracking the virus or until a vaccine is created and given out. The UK government needs to stop putting businesses first and start thinking about the public. We need a better system than the Job Retention Scheme, which doesn’t cover everyone and is failing many across the UK. I will be posting soon about what I believe the UK government should be doing following this and how we can do it.

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